GRP (FRP) Pultruded Profile, Rods and Pipes

GRP (FRP) Pultruded Profile, Rods and Pipes

Pultruded structure profiles have high corrosion resistance. It provides very high structural strength thanks to the glass fiber reinforcement that is processed continuously in its production. Besides being lighter and more flexible than similar sized steel profiles, it provides equivalent levels of structural strength.


Usage Areas of Pultruded Structure Profiles;

• In environments where chemical and corrosive materials are found in the Agriculture and Chemical Industry,

• Construction of profiles, scaffolding platforms, railings, fences and stairs in the Aviation, Automotive and Construction sectors,

• In the winter sports and tourism industries, in outdoor solutions, in the construction of ski, ski supports, tents and barracks,

• It is preferred because it does not block the signals in the production of dielectric materials in Electrical and Electronics engineering. It is also used in the production of transformers and electric motors.

• In establishments in contact with fresh, salt water such as treatment plants, city aquariums, mussels and fish farms,


What can be done with GRP (FRP) Pultruded Structure Profiles?

Composite Seafarer Ladder With Backrest, Without Backrest

Composite Platform, Platform and Ladder

Pipe and Box Type GRP Composite Handrail

Environmental restraint equipment such as Composite Fens and Barrier

Composite Construction Pier

Cooling Tower Top Platform

You can download the FRP Composite Railing static analysis report.

gefa technical static analysis report

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