GRP (FRP) Composites Panel Fence

GRP (FRP) Composites Panel Fence

It is produced by combining high corrosion resistance Pultruded structure profiles and GRP Composite Grating using stainless fasteners. In addition to being lighter and more flexible than similar sized steel profiles, it provides equivalent levels of structural strength.
It is very suitable for the environment limitation process which is very durable in the open area and is not affected by sunlight.
It does not require maintenance and painting, it is self-colored. Can be produced in demanded color
There is no limitation in size, it can be produced in desired dimensions modularly.
In accordance with your project, GRP Composite door can be made.


Applications of GRP (FRP) Composite Panel Fences;

• In environments where chemical and corrosive materials are found in the Agriculture and Chemical Industry,
• Open spaces in the Aviation, Automotive and Construction sectors,
• As an environmental limiting element in the Winter Sports and Tourism industries, especially in snowy areas
• In establishments in contact with fresh, salt water such as treatment plants, city aquariums, mussels and fish farms,
• As a restriction element in coastal enterprises

You can download the FRP Composite Railing static analysis report.

gefa technical static analysis report

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