GRP (FRP) Composite OEM products

GRP (FRP) Composite OEM products

Using Polyester, Fiber Glass, BMC & SMC Doughs, we produce strong, lightweight and durable parts that are alternative to your original equipment.

We produce from the BMC, SMC pulp or GRP (FRP) Composite Plate or logs which we will specially produce by machining in vertical machining benches, lathe benches.

What can be done with these methods?
GRP (FRP) Composite Flanges
GRP (FRP) Composite Automotive Spare Parts
GRP (FRP) Composite plate, table, wedge etc. for Machinery Industry
Special Composite fasteners like Bolts and Nuts
Fiber Composite Plates
FRP Polyester Pipe, Channel, and Warehouse

You can download the FRP Composite Railing static analysis report.

gefa technical static analysis report

Other Products